July 2015 Vol. 1(1), pp. 001-008
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Study of I.C. engine performance using different fuels

Faisal Kader, Abdullah Noor-e- Mostofa and Mohammad Reyad Arefin Shuvo

*Corresponding Author E-mail: mfaisaliut@yahoo.com

Accepted 22 June, 2015


Comparative study of I.C. engine performance using different fuels ‘refers to the engine performance test, which was successfully carried out by measuring its different properties to construct a relative data analysis using different fuels. Our experiments involved measuring exhaust temperature, torque, R.P.M. of a small engine with the help of a small engine test bed (TD110-115) and instrumentation unit (TD114). Applying the output value from the experiments and with the help of mathematical formulas brake power, specific fuel consumption, fuel mass flow rate, and brake thermal efficiency were measured. Petrol and diesel were the conventional fuels, where as CNG and Bio-ethanol (E15 or Gasohol) were the alternative fuels. In our experiment, we got the maximum torque (7N-m), brake power (2.31kW) and specific fuel consumption (418.18 g/kWh) at maximum torque speed for diesel and that’s why it is used for high load. The relative analysis with alternate fuels like bio-ethanol came out as a tremendous significance to our whole endeavor as it has lower exhaust temperature (300°C) and higher brake thermal efficiency (24%) compared to petrol, which has exhaust temperature (360°C) and brake thermal efficiency (22%) at maximum torque.CNG is cost-effective and good for environment, but it gave the exhaust temperature (490°C) and brake power (1.98 kW),when the CNG system reaches an R.P.M. value at max torque of 5.8 N-m. Thus, our comparative study for output torque, efficiency and temperature was an indisputable approach for our targeted data analysis and fuel solution.

Keywords: Exhaust temperature, Torque, R.P.M., Brake power, Specific fuel consumption, Fuel mass flow rate, Brake thermal efficiency, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).

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Kader F, Noor-e- Mostofa A, Shuvo MR (2015). Study of I.C. engine performance using different fuels. Interlink Continental J. Eng. Tech. Innov. 1(1): 001-008.