Vol. 1(1) pp. 001-005, June 2016  

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The Nigerian Institutional Vocational Technical Education (VTE) Programs: The Way Forward

Agbo, Benjamin C.D. (Ph.D)

 University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA.

E-mail: agbox003@umn.edu

Accepted 22 April 2016


This paper discussed the institutional Vocational Technical Education (VTE) programs in Nigeria using existing literature. It focused on  the VTE programs in educational institutions and highlighted the early development of education in Nigeria and VTE programs in post primary and post secondary education. Concepts of VTE programs in Nigeria were also discussed in relation to other VTE programs in developed countries. Finally, the paper identified and discussed good practices in VTE programs in some countries like China, United Kingdom, France, the United States, and Germany and used these practices in making suggestions for future directions for the Nigerian VTE program.

Keywords: Vocational Technical Education; Vocational Education and Training; Career and Technical Education; Apprenticeship; Prevocational; and Vocationalization