About us

Transcontinental Publishers (TP) is an emerging International open-access and peer reviewed publisher that publishes high quality articles in all areas of research and delivers it to the widest possible audience. It publishes in a wide range of academic feilds; medicine and medical sciences, biological sciences, engineering, business, economics, arts, humanities and social sciences etc. Transcontinental Publishers is established with an aim to facilitate an easy and hassle free transference of Research findings and knowledge amongst the scientific community. We provide academicians, scientists, researchers and innovators a platform to collaborate and share their findings while gaining and learning from each other hence contributing to the larger interests of the society. It also provide a rapid turn-around time possible for reviewing and publishing.

Our Mission is to promote the interests and growth of scientists, circulate academic awareness and publish high quality research while providing our journals free of charge. Our journals are international and fully open access where researchers and readers have free and limited access to the full text of our quality articles without subscription or price barriers.

Our Journals serve as a platform for scholars, researchers, readers etc, to easily locate, and acquire knowledge from the quality articles we publish and to diseminate these articles freely for referencing and teaching purpose without financial restriction.

Open access publishing ensures a free flow of scientific information and knowledge at the worldwide level. Most scholars now agree that electronic journals are a much better way of delivering journal articles than paper journals housed in libraries. Moreover, open access promises to enlighten the citizens outside the academy, enhance teaching and learning, and speed up the pace of discovery.

Open access makes knowledge freely available to all, regardless of whether the researcher or scholar is at Oxford or Yale, or at a small college in Mississippi, Mumbai or Manila. Open-access publishing enhances the visibility of university faculty, reduces their expenses for journals, and advances their mission to share knowledge.